Resins or binder function as the film forming component of the coating and printing ink. They must meet numerous criteria such as adhesion to the substrate, mechanical strength, gloss level, chemical resistance and durability.

We offer a wide choice of solvent-based and water-based resin for coatings formulator to select, so that they have the flexibility to formulated paints that can performed the specific tasks intended.

Solvent Based Resin Selection:
  • Nitrocellulose Resins

RS grades - High nitrogen grade
SS grades - Low nitrogen grade

  1. Available in either granules or fibrous form. The fibrous products are characterized by fast dissolution. Granular products for easy flowing that facilitate safe handling at the production floor.
  2. Wide range of viscosities available for unlimited flexibility in formulation for the customers.
  3. Consistent viscosity eliminates the "pain" of constant viscosity adjustment.
  4. Superior clarity of our NC for excellent quality finish.
  • Alkyds Resins
  • Long oil alkyds
  • Medium oil alkyds
  • Short oil alkyds
  • Oil Free Alkyd
  • Modified Alkyds
  • Acrylic Resins
  • Thermoplastic Acrylic
  • Thermosetting Acrylic
  • Acrylic Polyol
  • Amino Resin
  • Benzoguanamine
  • Urea Formaldehyde
  • Melamine Formaldehyde
  • Urea Melamine Formaldehyde
  • PU Hardener
  • Aromatic Prepolymer (TDI Adduct)
  • Aromatic Isocyanurate (TDI)
  • Semi aromatic Isocyanurate (TDI, HDI)
  • Aliphatic Isocyanurate (HDI)
  • Moisture cure PU (TDI, HDI)
  • PU Elastomer
  • Urethane Oil & Alkyd
  • Aliphatic type urethane oil & alkyd
  • Aromatic type urethane oil & alkyd


High Performance Water Based Resin Selection For Industrial Applications:
  • Acrylic Dispersions
  • Self-Crosslinking Acrylic Copolymer
  • Acrylic Copolymers
  • Styrene Acrylic Copolymers
  •  PU Dispersions
  • Aliphatic Polyurethane
  • Castor oil based Polyurethanes
  • Acrylic/Aliphatic Polyurethane Hybrids
  • OH-functional Acrylates Dispersions
  • Castor Oil Based Polyols
  • Acrylic based polyols
  • Hydroxy functional Acrylic
  • Solvent-free Polyurethane Dispersions for Flooring and Waterproofing.
  • Solvent free polyol based on renewable bio resources
  • Waterbased hydroxylated acrylic dispersion for 2 K hard wear top coat.
  • Solvent-free UV-curable Dispersions
  • UV curable Polyester-Polyurethane Dispersions
  • UV curable Polyurethane-acrylic Copolymer Dispersions
  • UV-curable acryic dispersions

  Aplication Area

Paint & Ink Industry, Leather & Textile Coatings, Glove Coatings, Construction Chemicals, Flooring Industry, Composite industry, Adhesives.

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